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Case » Horse racing betting at Parimatch

Horse racing betting at Parimatch

Most bookmakers now specialize in football, hockey and several other popular sports. But few people know that the development of betting takes its roots precisely from horse racing. Even in the last century, British men spent their free time at the racetrack, where they could watch the furious rhythm of the competition, and also place a bet on the victory of their favorite horse. 

With the development of football, basketball and other ball games, this traditional sport took a back seat.




But still, many fans of horse racing betting site Parimatch on sports continue to make bets with a bookmaker on the victory of their favorite horse. Thanks to modern technologies, it is not necessary to go to the racetrack for this, the bet can be made remotely.

Horse racing betting at Parimatch

Parimatch bookmaker offers its users attractive and favorable conditions for betting on horse racing. Therefore, anyone who understands the nuances of this sport will be able to earn with the help of this gaming platform. This does not require time or effort. It only takes a few minutes to place a free bet horse racing Parimatch. Players will need to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Log in to the bookmaker’s website or in a special Parimatch app mobile application;
  • Top up your gaming account;
  • Familiarize yourself with the horse racing betting Parimatch line for this sports discipline;
  • Select the type of bet you are interested in;
  • Familiarize yourself with the painting for the selected fight;
  • Enter the amount to bet and confirm the bet.

Horse racing odds

It is also important to consider the issue of coefficients. In order not to get into serious financial problems, always manage your money wisely. Don’t spend more than you could easily lose. Therefore, it is very essential to learn how to correctly calculate the coefficients.



The coefficient indicates the probability of the occurrence of one or another outcome of the match. The higher the coefficient, the lower the chance of this or that outcome.

After you select the horse with the highest odds, study the information about its trainer, training level and other game statistics, you need to understand the horse racing odds Parimatch offered by the Parimatch bookmaker. 

Do not neglect this aspect, because your chances of winning and the size of the expected winnings may depend on this. The table below shows the calculating horse racing odds Parimatch for the most popular horse racing matches.

How to bet 

For this, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Horse age. Considering the level of training and physical characteristics, a young horse will have a better chance of winning than an older competitor, especially over short distances. But with long races, it is important to take into account the experience of the horse.
  • Run duration. Before placing a bet with a bookmaker, be sure to find out how long the competition will be and whether the horse has a break. If the horse is to participate in a short race, before that he must rest for at least a month. But for long distances, this condition is not necessary.
  • Rider weight. The optimal rider weight is 60-65 kilograms. But this may not be enough for beginner jockeys, they may find it difficult to balance with the horse. Therefore, they are allowed to exceed the optimal rate. So obviously, the lighter the rider, the more experienced he is, and, accordingly, the chances of his success increase.
  • Weather. Before placing a bet with a bookmaker, be sure to check the weather forecast for the day of the competition. Horse racing is largely dependent on the conditions surrounding the tracks. Therefore, this aspect should not be neglected.

What types of horse racing are best to bet on

Various horse racing bet types Parimatch. Let’s look at the main types of horse racing bets:

  1. Bet on the winner. This is the most basic type of bet. In order to get a win, you need to predict which horse finishes the race first. There is also a reverse rate. You need to pick one horse and if it doesn’t finish first, you win. But the betting odds horse racing Parimatch in this case will be low.
  2. Bet on winners. It can be difficult for novice players to predict the winner of competitions. Therefore, there is an option to bet on the top three winners, it is much easier to predict.
  3. Bet on the winners in the correct order. For this bet, you need to predict the horses that will take first and second place in the race. You can bet on other places, for example, on 4.5 and 6. Here the variation is free.
  4. Bet “Who is higher”. For this bet horse racing Parimatch, you must select one winner from 2 horses. The entire race will be focused on the duel of the two race leaders.


Can historical data help in placing a bet?

Yes, they can, besides, they should be considered first. Analyzing historical data means looking at the performance of your chosen horse in previous races, but it’s also worth looking at the performance of young horses that haven’t had enough exposure to the races.



Consider the breed and pedigree of the participants, as they will help you understand what type or length of course these horses will do best.

Does the condition of the racetrack matter?

For each race, a description of the surface on which the race will take place is given. Tracks can be hard and soft, hard and fast, anything in between, and they can be equipped with different types of artificial surfaces (Tapeta, Polytrack, etc.) so that each horse can be more adapted to one or another. different kind of tracks.